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Anand Mela


Durga Puja starts off on a joyous note with a function aptly named "ANANDA MELA". Dressed in traditional attire or in line with a predetermined theme, the old and the young throng at the premises to partake typical Bengali fare, lovingly made by the ladies of the Samiti.

'Rosogollas' abound and so do 'karaishutir kochuri and aaloor dam' 'patisapta, 'misti polau', 'dudh puli', 'ghugni', 'mochar chop','bengal chaaat' to name a few. Needless to say, the delicacies are savored much before the evening ends.



There is much merriment too as the entertainment of the evening rolls out. Be it demonstration of cooking of exotic dishes, or a fashion show, or a presentation of baul sangeet, or fancy dress for the young ones, or lucky dips, this evening does set the mood for the next four fun-filled days.

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