Being a charitable institution first and foremost, Bombay Durga Bari Samiti keenly pursues various philanthropic initiatives including:


  • Granting scholarships to needy and deserving students, making a significant difference to these students in helping them achieve their career objectives and quality of life. We have increased the quantum of the scholarship amount on an ongoing basis as well as the number of qualifying students. The scholarships are offered under the aegis of Ishwar Chadra Vidyasagar Fund set up by Bombay Durga Bari Samiti. Our students are now working as engineers, software engineers, nutritionist, educators with well-known institutions. Our scholarship holders have stayed in touch with us and have now come forward to support some of our activities as well. It touches our heart to make a difference in their lives!
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  • Form for ISHWAR CHANDRA VIDYASAGAR EDUCATION FUND for higher Education in India. The duly filled form has to be returned to the Bombay Durga bari office, on or before 27th February 2021, for the selection process.

    After the initial screening of the applications, candidates who are found suitable will be short listed and called for an interview during March/April 2021 in Mumbai. Candidates are expected to bear their own expenses for attending the interview.
    Only those students who have passed from an Indian Board are eligible to apply. Applicants must have a consistently high academic record as well as other achievements to their credit. Selection will be made on the basis of merit-cum-need.
    Kindly contact the Bombau Durga Bari Samiti office for more details.

    Apply for Scholarship

Work during Covid

  • During the migrant crisis in the midst of the Covid pandemic, BDBS made donations through its members who contributed to Roti Bank Foundation to help in relief work. Roti Bank has been set up by Mr. D. Sivanandan, ex-Police Commissioner, Mumbai and has done commendable work in the area of providing meals to the hungry.

Supporting and aiding the Society for Education of Challenged (SEC), Agripada

  • In view of the outstanding work being done by SEC towards providing education to differently abled children. Bombay Durga Bari Samiti has collaborated with SEC on the Integration and Inclusion program (I&IP) to take the needs of students who complete their education at SEC with the intent of “where do the children go next”
  • The students of SEC have physical and multiple disabilities and are from a low economic stratum. The disabilities are: cerebral palsy, meningomyelocele, osteogenia imperfecta, hemilegia, mild intellectual disabilities and some earlier cases of polio.
  • I & IP covers 4 verticals based on student capacities providing:

    1. Mainstream education for educable students
    2. Skill development/Employable/Self Employed
    3. Empowerment through Daily living Skills and Individual Education/Development Plan
    4. Empowerment workshops for students and parents

    The program commenced in November 2019 and continued during lockdown with online classes. Online classes are no substitute for one to one teaching.

    Bombay Durga Bari Samiti has played a vital role in this program. Their support and understanding of the needs of the students has helped this program tremendously.
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  • BDBS has supported SEC and helped with donations required for orthopedic intervention which included stretching cast and surgeries of some children.

Robinhood Army

  • BDBS has been associated with Robin Hood on an ongoing basis over the last few years.
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  • Contributions to Bapnu Ghar, an institute for the care of destitute women.
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  • Supported Bombay Institute for the Deaf and Mute, which is an organization taking care of underprivileged physically challenged children, with a focus on the deaf and mute.
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  • Donated to Pranab Kanya Sangha to aid them in building an additional dormitory and a washroom at their residential hostel for girl students in Nallasopara.
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  • Distribution of sarees to women from lower income groups, cancer patients at KEM Hospital and for Goonj, a well known organisation working towards relief activities all over India.
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  • Distribution of food packets and T-shirts to a school for underprivileged children and for relief works
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  • Distributing food during the various Utsavs to the disadvantaged and the underprivileged, and distribution of foodgrains to organizations looking after and providing education to underprivileged children.
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  • Providing medical aid to members of the community when required.
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  • Supporting artisans and handicrafts from India and showcasing them to the public at large.
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  • With the objective of furthering National Integration, organizing a variety of cultural programmes from various parts of India.
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The Samiti is constantly on the lookout to support institutions aiding those in need and is looking to expand its philanthropic initiatives and reach out to many more in need. You may see all our activities on our social media handles as we update it when we carry out any charitable and other activities.

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