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Lakshmi Puja


If it wasn't for the arrival of Ma Lakshmi just after a week after Durga puja, our members would probably find it difficult to get over the emotional tug of Bisarjan of Ma Durga at Chowpatty on Marine Drive every year. She is truly a harbinger of renewal and a promise of fulfillment.

The soul stirring sound of conch shells welcomes Ma Lakshmi once again in the very same hall she had stayed with her mother just a while ago. But preceding this and unseen by most, Puja, Pratima and Administration committees swing into action to provide yet another day of festivity. Though on a smaller scale than Durga puja, the day's events - puja, pushpanjali and bhog - take place amid much fanfare and gaiety.

Kali Puja

It is as if one doesn't want to let go. After bidding adieu to Ma Lakshmi it is time to bring Ma Kali into our midst. The concerned committees have once again worked behind the scenes to ensure that devotees go away with deep feelings of satisfaction.

A late night puja, followed by pushpanjali and 'bhog' that often goes well into midnight makes no dent on the number of devotees who consistently come year after year. It has always been Bombay Durgabari's intention to see that all pujas are performed in a befitting manner.


Saraswati Puja


The text books come in and are neatly arranged around Ma Saraswati's feet - It is a day for students - right from the innocent three year old to the older ones seeking degrees from educational institutions. Particularly endearing is the sight of tender ones sitting on their mothers' lap for 'hathe khori' totally oblivious of the fact that this is the beginning of their formal education!

Both the old and the young eagerly seek Ma Saraswati's blessings. Indeed it is heartening to see some children dressed in traditional dhuti and panjabi as they take their place for pushpanjali along with their mothers who, in turn, don various shades of 'basanti' to reflect the mood of 'basant utsav'. A prayer of hope and of gratitude follows in all seriousness.

Evening is the time for celebration. A function is held showcasing talents of the 'young ones' much to the pleasure of the elders.

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