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How We Go About Organizing Puja

Bombay Durgabari Puja is like 'baarir' puja. Three months before Puja, members form a Social and Cultural committee and get together once a week to plan and execute activities towards the festival. Conscious efforts are made to include as many people as possible and responsibilities are divided amongst them to create a 'greater puja family'.

While the Puja Committee ensures that the purohit is booked well in advance and all 'puja samagri' are in place, the Bhog Committee gets the go ahead for the menu from the members. The Pratima Committee meanwhile coordinates with the idol maker at every step to have the image ready in time, making sure the 'look' is different from earlier years. The Alpana Committee too gets down to making the designs, and only after thoroughly satisfied, tenderly paints the intricate designs at the feet of Ma Durga.

The Administration Committee has a tough job. From security arrangements, to maintenance of the hall, to organizing medical assistance their plate is indeed full. At the other end of the spectrum is the Sahitya Sakha which is responsible for the literary section of the souvenir, right from soliciting articles to the final printing. Then comes the Media Co-ordination and PR committee. Unseen by all they do their bit to ensure adequate media coverage.

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All this requires funds and for this the Souvenir Committee gets into the act to have contributions coming in. And finally it's the Entertainment Committee that everyone looks at with palpable excitement. For Puja is nothing but a fun event. As meetings progress, much debate takes place regarding selection of programs, and once finalized, artists are booked and arrangements made.Ananda Mela' which is the Samiti's in-house programme is also worked out by them in minute detail.

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